Monday, July 18, 2011

Web Feature: MMDA Trafffic Information

     The MMDA has harnessed the power of new technology in delivering real time traffic updates to the general public. It has started with twitter updates and now, in partnership with TV5 interaksyon website, MMDA launches its BETA testing TV5-MMDA traffic monitoring system. Another milestone in MMDA's mission to provide service to the FIlipino people.

     The website is satisfactory although it is still in BETA testing as stated by the tweet of MMDA's official twitter account. "MMDA [REMINDER] Please check out our beta website for traffic updates #mmda".
     The traffic update is available in three views: System View, Line View and Google Map View. In system view, you can have a rough overview of the traffic situation on the entire jurisdiction of MMDA. The color coded legend shows if the area has light traffic, moderate traffic or heavy traffic. And if for some reason the site's situation is not available it will also show as such. The color coded nodes on the System View is also clickable that will show a pop up information on the location, north and south bound situation and also the time of the last update.

System View: TV5-MMDA Traffic Monitoring System
     The line view basically gives the same information but it is presented in table form. The traffic situation for northbound and southbound is also presented by the same color code and last update is also provided.
Line View: TV5-MMDA Traffic Monitoring System
     The google map view is also the same with the system view, only that it is presented as a map overlay of the google map. It is very helpful if you want to plan the fastest route to a place you want to go.

Google Map View: TV5-MMDA Traffic Monitoring System
     To the hardworking guys of TV5 and MMDA behind this new service, keep up the good work. We hope to see more updates coming soon to this website. A live "video feed on demand" for a certain location would be great.