Sunday, February 13, 2011

Web Feature: Neopets

BACKGROUND is a virtual pet site where you can own virtual pets. Feed them, clothe them, create a house for them, give a pet to them (called petpet) and many other activities. This site also features plots and site events that you can participate and earn trophies to display on your user lookup. This site's virtual currency is in NP or neopoints. You can earn neopoints by simply playing the onsite flash or html games and submitting your score. You can then use your NP to buy items for your pets from the shops of neopets or the other user's site. You can also put up your own shop, gallery, coin collection, avatar collection or stamp collection.
     As of the date of this posting, has 184,201,091 users, 270,191,491 neopets (the virtual pets), an average of 1.467 neopets per owner.

     I have been playing neopets for eight and a half years now. So far I have three painted neopets, one christmas shoyru, one sponge acara and one disco elephante that I always bring to daily trips to the lab ray in hopes of getting a much rare color. I have also collected 234 avatars, 40 stamps, 3 keyquest tokens, 206 neodeck cards, 11 site themes, 23 site event trophies, 3 site feature trophies, and 8 game trophies. I have also garnered 465 out of 531 battledome wins. I have put up a size 24 shop, size 10 gallery and a neohome. I am currently a member of nothingbutneopets guild. So that will give you a rough idea of the many things that you can do on neopets.
     What I love on this site is that users of all ages are welcome to use their service. The user environment is also very very child friendly. The site policy is concrete about children's safety. Swear words are blocked on the site's forum (neoboards) boards. And best of all, the site's service is free of charge. Their income come from advertisements but the site's ads are unobtrusive. They also have a very clever sponsored games, wherein the games are featuring the product that they are advertising.

Baby Shoyru Neopet

Snow Acara

Baby Elephante

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