Friday, January 28, 2011

Web Feature: How Secure Is My Password

     If you want to know if your password is secure enough, this website will give you a rough idea. HowSecureIsMyPassword will calculate your password strength and present it in terms of time it will take a desktop PC to hack your password using the brute force method.

     HowSecureIsMyPassword uses JavaScript to calculate the password strength. Because javascript is a client side script (calculation/operation are done on your local PC and not on the website's server), it is safe to use since the password string will not be transmitted. But if you are very cautious, you can also disconect your internet connection after loading the page. Then do your calculations on their page while offline. After you are done, clear your browser's cache and cookies before reconnecting to the internet.
     The calculations' result is accurate although in real brute force attack of your password, many factors will affect the time it will take. This involves the computing power of the PC used for the attack and the type of account the password is used for. Many online accounts has maximum attempt limits and will lockout the account for the day after such number of failed attempts.

Screen capture: Calculation of my password strength.

Screen Capture: Fooling around with the calculator. Trying to get the maximum strength password.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Web Feature: Make Me Babies

     Ever wondered how will your baby look like? Then this site is for you. MakeMeBabies is using advanced face detection technology to create a simulation of what your baby will look like. But do have in mind that MakeMeBabies is rendering a unique baby face based on you and your partners facial features, but real life genetics is far more complicated than that. Use this site for your entertainment only.

     The site is very easy to use and very entertaining. You just have to upload your photo then choose whether to upload your partners photo or select from their list of celebrities. The photo of the baby is also framed with the design that you choose.
     I love the website's sense of humor by putting a custom message while processing the photos. Instead of putting the usual "loading.." or "rendering..", they stated that "please hold on while we make your baby... it shouldn't take more than 9 months ;)..". The best part of all is that this baby generator service is free. See samples below of baby photos I have rendered using this site's service.

My baby with Bea Alonzo

My baby with Andi Eigenmann

My baby with Drew Barrymore

My baby with Kim Kardashian

My baby with Shakira

My baby with Jennifer Aniston

My baby with Angelina Jolie

My baby with Myles Cyrus

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Travel: Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

     Cagayan de Oro City is located at the northern coast of Mindanao, Philippines. It is the capital of Misamis Oriental province and the regional center for Northern Mindanao (Region 10). The city is popularly known for its initials CDO or CDOC.
At Lumbia Airport, Cagayan De Oro City
     Cagayan de Oro is a coastal city facing the Macajalar Bay. Several creeks and rivers run through the city. The southern portion of the city is dominated by hills, gorges, plateau and mountain ranges of Bukidnon Province. Cebuano or Bisaya is the city's main dialect. English on the other hand is widely used in schools, media, government and commercial transactions. People from Cagayan de Oro are called Kagayanons. Most are brown-skinned of Malay descent and some with mixed ancestry popularly known to locals as mestizo.
     Cagayan de Oro is known as "The Gateway to Northern Mindanao" because of its location and good transportation facilities. However, it is through her warm and hospitable people that the city became more known as "The City of Golden Friendship".