Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Travel: Morong, Rizal Philippines

     Morong is a first class municipality in the province of Rizal situated about 37.5 kilometers from manila. Currently it has eight barangays, namely: Bombongan, Caniogan-Calero-Lanang, Lagundi, Maybancal, San Guillermo, San Pedro, San Jose and San Juan. The last three being located in the poblacion.

     There are public utility jeepney transport with routes going to Morong, Rizal. Another option is to take public utility aircon vans, going to the nearby town of Cardona. The fare is Php50.00 as of the time of this writing. Then you can just hail a tricycle or ride a public utility jeepney to Morong. If you have a private car, it would be an approximately 37.5 kilometers drive from Cubao, Metro Manila.

Driving Directions:
(From Cubao, Metro Manila to Morong, Rizal)
1.Head northwest on 14th Ave toward P. Tuazon Blvd   0.3 km
2.Turn left onto P. Tuazon Blvd0.1 km
3.Take the 1st right onto General Romulo Ave0.6 km
4.Turn right onto Aurora Blvd2.4 km
5.Slight right onto Marcos Highway2.5 km
6.Turn right onto Amang Rodriguez Ave2.2 km
7.Slight left onto E Bank Rd7.1 km
8.Slight left toward Velasquez St1.1 km
9.Turn left onto Velasquez St1.2 km
10.Turn right onto Manila East Rd2.2 km
11.Continue onto Quezon Ave1.8 km
12.Continue onto Manila East Rd5.2 km
13.Slight left to stay on Manila East Rd6.0 km
14.Turn right to stay on Manila East Rd0.3 km
15.Turn left to stay on Manila East Rd4.3 km
16.Sharp right to stay on Manila East Rd0.2 km
17.Arrive at Morong, Rizal
Note: These driving directions are as provided by google maps. I cannot guarantee their accuracy or their being up to date. Routing may differ in actual driving conditions.

Driving Directions from Cubao, MM (A) to Morong, Rizal (B) provided by MapQuest

Saint Jerome Parish Church
     The Saint Jerome Parish Church is constructed on a hill on the poblacion of Morong, Rizal. The beautiful architecture of this old era church is an attraction to behold.

Bell Tower of St. Jerome Parish Church
Uugong Park
     During the early 60's-early 80's Uugong park was known for its beautiful waterfalls. It is a usual summer picnic location for families and friends. Uugong means echo, which has been derived from the loud echo or sound produced by the strong current flow of the falls.
     Uugong Park now has a resort made and owned by a local artist named Rafael Pacheco, who is known not only locally but internationally because of his paintings in which he uses his fingers instead of paintbrush. Today, the resort does not use the old falls anymore. Two pools were made inside the resort where you can still view the now dead waterfalls and its river. The new Uugong resort features the displayed collection of paintings and sculptures of Mr. Pacheco.

Entrance to Uugong Park Resort

View inside the Uugong Park

Sculpture -- Cycle of Life

View of the nearby ricefields.

Taking a breather

Another sculpture inside the park.

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