Friday, December 24, 2010

Web Feature: The Agent Pool

The Agent Pool is a dynamic and fast growing company that focuses on improving and scaling placement practices across industry and geography. Intrigued by low interview to hire ratios in many industries, The Agent Pool developed its core services to provide easier access to employment opportunities for viable candidates. At the same time, The Agent Pool has developed services for employers to drastically increase their hiring rates. The combined services have resulted in cost savings, scalability, and efficiency for both the job seekers and employers.
Find the best Philippines job openings and job vacancies at The Agent Pool. The Agent Pool is the Philippines best jobs and career management system, and is the only tool for you to showcase your talents and abilities to the entire job market in the Philippines. It is the fastest and easiest way to conduct a targeted job search, and it’s the only way to show companies that you have the skills required to get hired for one of the many job vacancies and job openings that they have posted. Sign up, take the employment aptitude test, let companies present you with the best job opportunities, and get hired today!

I have signed up with The Agent Pool because I am drawn in with their Employment Aptitude Test (EAT). I have been interested to see what are my skills and what areas I still have to work on. After I signed up, I immediately take the test.
The test is very nice and applicable to almost any industry but in my opinion it is more advantageous to persons seeking positions as call center agents or customer service representatives. You need a webcam and a headset with microphone if you want to use all the features of the test. The webcam is optional but when you download your test certificate, no picture will be included. Before the test, you will be asked to read and record a paragraph. Although this is optional, it will be advantageous for those seeking positions in call centers. The test is timed and covers many areas such as, data analysis, situational discourse, analogies, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, sentence completions, problem solving, logic, analysis of explanations, reasoning and arithmetic. You will need the headset for the listening comprehension part where an audio clip will be played and a question will be given based on the clip.
After the test, a test result will be shown and there will be an option to download your test certification. A chart will also display your relative strength and weakness on the areas covered.

The author's EAT result at The Agent Pool

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