Thursday, April 14, 2011

Avoid Fraud

     Found this useful information from unicef's website. It is so sad that people nowadays are so insensitive that they even use the names of organizations that serve a better purpose. Be vigilant and wary, dont fall for scammers techiniques. They often use social engineering to trick you on giving out information that will be used for scamming. Sometimes religion is also used in the form of chain emails. The sole purpose of which is to gather as many valid email addresses as they can which will be sold to spammers. This is very effective since most people just forward the email and you can see all the email addresses of the other persons it has been forwarded to. You can even get relevent informations about a persons job title, address and contact numbers as most of the time this forwarded emails also contain the signatures of the persons that does not want to break the "chain". Ever wonder why unsolicited email pile up on your inbox?

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