Sunday, May 1, 2011

Web Feature: Stolen Camera Finder

     The idea behind Stolen Camera Finder is that when your camera has been lost or stolen, it will eventually used to take a picture (of course..) and that picture could be uploaded somewhere on the world wide web. This site will search the web for pictures matching the serial number of the camera that you provided or by directly extracting the serial number from the exif data of your previously taken photos.

     The sites feature that generally get my attention is the very simple user interface. You will just need to drag and drop your picture and the site will automatically get the serial number from the exif data. Then they will search the web for photos with matching serial number in the exif data.

Sample Exif Details extracted by

     The only downside is that the drag and drop feature only works on chrome and firefox. So the IE version of the site only relies on the serial number that you will input. The fun part comes with using the site in chrome or firefox. This is because the site dont just get the serial number from the photo's exif data but gather all information within. Then the site enables you to view the exif details of that photo. For all the photography enthusiasts out there, this is quite useful if you want to see the details of certain photos to recreate the shot.

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