Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pictures: Old Phones

Been back from a long assignment abroad, I got a chance to have a short vacation. Back at my hometown, I  have cleaned some of my old stuffs and I have stumbled upon these old pieces of technology that once upon a time were awesome.

NEC Smart network locked mobile

Ericsson and Bosh

Nokia 5110 and Nokia 3530

A pair of Nokia 3210


  1. dre ibenta mo na yan sa PAWNSTARS makakuha ka pa ng malaking pera dyan hehehe. gumagana pa ba yan mga artifacts mo????

    1. Gumagana pa yun 3210 kuya rey. Pawnstars? Wala nun sa pinas. Collections ko na lang yan mga yan :)

  2. haha, what is so funny is I remember having versions of some of those phones and thinking they were so amazing at the time. Good find!

  3. heheh wow! vintage!!! :D